Caring for your tattoo

  • In 2 hours, remove the bandage, wash gently with warm water and soap lather, rinse with cool water, pat dry and air the tattoo overnight
  • While showering the next day, wash the tattoo as described above and apply a very thin film of A&D cream
  • Repeat A&D application every 4 hours to ensure that the tattoo doesn't dry out
  • In 3 to 4 days, itchy scabs will form. Do not scratch or peel the scabs, because doing so will damage the tattoo. The scabs will drop off by themselves
  • Do not swim, perform vigorous exercise, use saunas or steam baths until your tattoo has fully healed
  • For the first few days, avoid wearing tight, restrictive clothes over your tattoo. The tattoo must breathe
  • Your tattoo should feel comfortable within a week, although it will take 4 to 6 weeks for it to fully heal.
  • After the tattoo heals, regularly moisturize the area with a gentle moisturizing lotion. This will keep your tattoo looking its best forever.