I am Sujatha Srihari, and I run Studio Jade - a boutique, by-appointment-only tattoo practice. I specialize in creating concept tattoos for my clients. You are welcome to pick a flash (ready-made) design, but I would love it if you told me your thoughts, the story behind your tattoo, and let me build you a very special custom design.

I work with a range of clients of all ages and from all walks of life, but a sizeable portion of my clients happen to be women, for the simple reason that they feel better understood, and find it more comfortable to let a woman work on their skin.

I keep a fresh, bright, cheerful and comfortable studio, and my machines and sterilizing equipment are state-of-the-art. Come over for a chat, some tea, and let us get your tattoo done.

Note: I travel quite a bit, often with my tattoo gear. If you would like a tattoo from me but do not live in Chennai, no worries. Let me know, and we will fix up an inking appointment the next time I am in your town.